Registration costs for Latin America and the Caribbean:

– Doctors: US$200.00
– Nurses, paramedical disciplines and doctors in training: US$ 100.00
Virtual: Access Free

Registration costs for Europe and North America:

– Doctors: US$400.00
– Nurses, paramedical disciplines and doctors in training: US$ 200.00
Virtual: Access Free.

Registration Procedure

1. Access the following link:
2. Get a NASKHO account at “Make a NASKHO account” at the top of the page.
3. This opens a page asking for a profile. “Make your NASKHO account”.
4. Please fill in the required information. In big-badge #CMC write down your continuing medical education number and if you don’t have one, write down any number and at the end subscribe.
5. This will automatically take you to the home page.
6. On that page there is a List of Conferences: “Conference List” and you will find “International EpicLatino meeting or enter the link:
– There you can register or enroll and make the corresponding payment if you attend in person.
– Once the process is complete, you will receive an email with your identification code.